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Roland Fawcett believes that professional photography isn’t about taking pictures - its about making them. It’s what sets his photography apart from many other professional photographers - or people of the opinion that purchasing the latest 12 million pixel digital camera will enable them to produce anything that a trained, experienced professional can!

Roland is commissioned regularly by commercial clients, but also photographs weddings, events and lifestyle portraits (his landscapes have also won notable praise). The trademark formula throughout is clean engaging composition, creative viewpoint and effective lighting - regardless of the subject matter.

A glance over Roland’s commercial portfolio shows true versatility. He photographs people for PR, websites and printed publications and he regularly covers business and social events. He is also very skilled when it comes to specialised photography such as photographing interiors and buildings, which has lead to commissions from restaurants, hotel chains, breweries, interior designers and top end kitchen manufacturers. A key aspect to Roland’s commercial photography is that he interprets and works to a client brief, whilst injecting his own creativity and style.

When it comes to wedding photography, Roland’s photographs are both natural and stylish. He will capture the emotions and events of the day in an unobtrusive way- but when it comes to bride and groom shots he likes to create photographs that are carefully co-ordinated, composed and look really special. Similarly, when it comes to photographing lifestyle/ family portraits/ portfolios Roland prefers to shun the studio in preference of interesting locations (or the clients home), where a more natural and unique photograph can be crafted than possible with studio lights and the ubiquitous white background.

Roland loves talking photography, so please feel free to contact him and discuss any event, project or subject that could benefit from his skills. You wont get any hard sell, or gimmicky sales tactics - just straight forward pricing, enthusiasm and a good understanding of what you are looking to achieve.

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